Frequently Asked Questions

The following topics are based on our guest's inquiries. We update this list regularly to reflect frequently asked questions.

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1.Gift Card Orders and Balance9.Pricing17.Real Estate Inquiries
2.To Go10.Dress Code18.Planned Openings
3.Nutritional Information11.Restaurant Reservations19.Franchise Information
4.Special Dietary Concerns12.Banquets and Special Events20.International Expansion
5.Vegetarian Menu Items13.Large Parties21.Donation Requests
6.Menu Items for Children 14.Birthday Celebrations 22.Student Inquiries
7.Menu Changes15.Restaurant Design 23.Careers
8.Recipes16.Restaurant Décor   

1.Gift Card Orders and Balance
 Grand Lux Cafe gift cards are available for purchase at any of our restaurants nationwide. To check the available balance on your gift card, you may call 1-888-464-0359 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

2.To Go
 Our entire menu, including our freshly baked desserts, is available “To Go”! You may place your order in advance by calling your local Grand Lux Cafe restaurant directly or order at the bakery counter when you arrive.

3.Nutritional Information
 At this point, we do not provide nutritional information for our menu selections. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest and finest ingredients available. Everything on our menu is made in-house on a daily basis so that we can maintain the highest food quality standards.

4.Special Dietary Concerns
 We will do our best to accommodate any special dietary requirements that our guests may have. Everything on our menu is made fresh daily so we can maintain the highest food quality standards. When placing your order, please inform your server of your special requests.

5.Vegetarian Menu Items
 Grand Lux Cafe is pleased to offer a selection of vegetarian items on our menu. Appetizers include 'Edamame', 'Margarita and Fresh Mozzarella Pizza' and 'Creamy Spinach & Cheese Dip'; Salads include 'House Green Salad', 'Caesar Salad', 'Caprese Salad', 'Manhattan Chopped Salad', and 'Greek Salad'. Also, please note that any of our salads can be prepared without the accompanying chicken, meat or fish; Sandwiches include 'Wild Mushroom Burger'; Entrees include 'Pasta Telephono' and 'Pasta Fresca'. Please ask your server for additional suggestions.

6.Menu Items for Children
 Although Grand Lux Cafe does not print a special menu for children, we do offer a number of 'Kid Friendly' items such as our 'Grilled Cheese Sandwich', 'Cheese' or 'Pepperoni Pizza', 'Hamburger', 'Chicken Fingers', 'Pasta Marinara' and during our weekend breakfast, we serve Pancakes, French Toast and Eggs.

7.Menu Changes
 Grand Lux Cafe revises its menu several times a year to keep our menu selections new and exciting for all of our guests.

 We receive many requests for our delicious recipes. At this point, Grand Lux Cafe recipes are proprietary and we do not share them. One day we will publish a cookbook featuring our recipes, yet in the meantime, please join us in our restaurant for the delicious taste of Grand Lux Cafe!

 Grand Lux Cafe is proud to offer our guests outstanding menu variety, service, food quality, and generous portions at a great value. Prices range from $4.95 to $28.95. A selection of “Lunch Specials” are served until 5:00 pm.

10.Dress Code
 Grand Lux Cafe is an upscale, casual dining restaurant, so please dress in a manner that is comfortable for you!

11.Restaurant Reservations
 Grand Lux Cafe restaurants do not take reservations. We seat guests in the order that they arrive once the entire party is there.

12.Banquets and Special Events
 Some of our restaurants have banquet space available for private parties, wedding receptions, entertaining and meetings. For more information or to plan your banquet or special event, you may email our banquet manager by clicking on the appropriate name below or call the phone number provided for immediate attention.

Grand Lux Cafe, Las Vegas -- Rich Loska (702) 414-3883
Grand Lux Cafe, Chicago -- Michelle Sayas (312) 276-2507

13.Large Parties
 Our grand and spacious floor plans easily allow for large party seatings. Please contact your local Grand Lux Cafe for further details.

14.Birthday Celebrations
 Grand Lux Cafe is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday! Just let your server know that a birthday is being celebrated and at the end of the meal the birthday guest will be presented with an Edible Birthday Card. In addition, we also offer our birthday guests the option to purchase a freshly baked dessert, which arrives with whipped cream and a candle.

15.Restaurant Design
 All of our restaurants are designed in-house. For all inquiries, please contact our development department at

16.Restaurant Décor
 Part of the Grand Lux Cafe experience is enjoying our distinctive décor. The impact is immediate upon walking through the front doors – elaborate design, sumptuous fabrics and textures, and custom artisan-created details abound. Awash in a color scheme reminiscent of a Venetian carnival, Grand Lux Cafe is a feast for the eyes.

17.Real Estate Inquiries
 For all inquiries, please contact Blatteis and Schnur at 310-282-5300.

18.Planned Openings
 For a list of restaurant locations that are scheduled to open within the next 2 months, please see our Coming Soon page.

19.Franchise Information
 We do not offer franchise or joint venture opportunities. Grand Lux Cafe, LLC owns and manages all of the full-service Grand Lux Cafe restaurants.

20.International Expansion
 Grand Lux Cafe, LLC presently does not have plans for international expansion.

21.Donation Requests
 Thank you for considering Grand Lux Cafe as a potential donor for your organization. In keeping with our tradition of concern for our guests and our communities, we are committed to supporting charitable causes in our neighborhoods.

Our restaurants have a monthly charitable allowance to donate gift cards to local non-profit organizations’ and schools’ fundraising activities.

You may feel free to submit a donation request to the General Manager of your local Grand Lux Cafe. All donation requests must be submitted on your organization’s letterhead and must include a federal tax ID number. You may hand-deliver, fax or mail your request, but please do so as far in advance as possible.

Please note that Grand Lux Cafe does not offer cash or food donations nor does it sponsor events.

22.Student Inquiries
 Thank you for your interest in Grand Lux Cafe, LLC. Due to the volume of requests that we receive, we are sorry that we are unable to give interviews for school projects or answer specific questions which are not addressed on our website. Company information can be found in the “About Us” section of our website.

 Are you interested in working at Grand Lux Cafe? Click onto CAREERS and visit our recruitment website for more information.